6 Bathroom Vanity Trends for a Modern Interior


For most people, a bathroom is a place they can escape and unwind after a busy day. Therefore, it should be a room that exudes tranquility and relaxation. A new bathroom vanity is one item that can add style and beauty to the interior. Here are some of the latest vanity trends.

Open Shelves

One common trend for a new bathroom vanity is to have open shelves. The open feature creates a sense of class and elegance. It makes tiny spaces appear larger and less cluttered. The design complements the modern interior, creating a spa-like elegance. You may also want to try open bottom vanities when you are remodeling a small bathroom.

Marble and Quartz

Granite has been a popular choice for homeowners looking for a modern feel. But it is getting replaced by marble and quartz. Granite is sleek, but it is also grainy and not as smooth as marble.

The choice of marble is also influenced by the preference for a white interior. On the other hand, quartz is more affordable and durable. It comes in a wide variety of colors and can be as sleek and modern as any of the other natural stones.

Floating Vanities

Another trend for small rooms is installing a new bathroom vanity on the wall. It leaves the floor open, creating the illusion of space. It also leaves a lot of room for storage, and the height can be adjusted to your preferred level.

Neutral Tones

Black is one of the classic colors that has dominated bathroom remodeling in recent years. It is sometimes substituted with gray or silver, but black has been more popular for home remodeling.

Another color to try for new bathroom vanity is white. White is timeless and can complement many different designs. It is common for modern renovations that feature bright and minimalist styling. It is a color that can outlast most of your remodeling projects.

Vessel and Under-mount Sinks

Another trend is vessel-sinks on the bathroom vanity. There are different varieties of floating vessels. They can be black, white, double, or single sink. But usually, they add zing and elegance to the room.

Another popular feature is the under-mount sink fitted on your new bathroom vanity. They have more style than the older over-mounted varieties. Their design makes them much simpler to clean and maintain.

Industrial Style Sinks

The industrial style for interiors is another emerging trend for home additions. Homeowners are increasingly looking to modern designs that are also edgy and quirky.

So it is not surprising that the industrial style is an emerging trend for vanities. They come in a variety of metal finishes like gold, silver. They may feature wood accents in various colors and unusual patterns for furnishings and fittings.


The overriding trend for bathroom remodeling projects is minimalist design. The open shelves and vessel sinks can make your interior feel larger; radiating a spa-like feel. When installing new bathroom vanity, consider the arrangement and design of the room and keep it uncluttered. For more information on vanities, visit our website today.